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Kangdi pain relief patches sell both in China and abroad.

A factory, named henan kangdi medical, is located in Zhoukou city,Henan province.In the central part of China. Kangdi concentrates on the production of each pain relief patch.

Kangdi pain relief patches sell both in China and abroad. There are more and more oversea friends searching Chinese herbal patches. Pain relief patch can be used both for adults and children above 12 years old.Beside pain relief patch,there are also cooling gel patch,diarrhea patch,cough relief patch for children,Anti aging whitening patch and slimming patch for men and women.

Kangdi makes herbal pain relief patch which are healthy and no side effect to human bodies. The main ingredients in pain relievers are herbal plant extract. Such as menthol, capsaicin, borneol, safflower oil, Chinese angelica, etc.

The pain relief patch is external use, applied on skin. It lasts about 1 to 2 days. There is no suffering as taking medical pills and injections. The patches can be made in different sizes, different colors and different flavors according to personal preferences. More and more oversea friends love Chinese traditional pain relief patches and order from our kangdi factory.

Kangdi owns 3 aliexpress stores online.There are mainly customers who are doing retail or self use. People can order different sizes pain relief patch online and it will be good gifts for families and relatives. Kangdi also have 2 international alibaba websites. It is easy for customers to find the patches they need.

Kangdi concentrates on the production of each pain relief patch.There are 5 pain relief patch production lines in the factory.The production capacity can reach 1000000 patches per day. It is a very good cooperation factory for customers who need to do OEM. There are expert sales team,technical experts,OEM package designers and customer service dept. They can answer all your questions and concerns as fast as they can.

Kangdi pain relief patch factory concentrates on the production of kinds of patches. With many years export experience,Kangdi sales team are more and more familiar with the regulation of overseas. Now we are familiar with the FDA registration,SFDA registration and EU registration issues. Which can bring our customers great efforts to deal with the government documents.

Kangdi pain relief patch oversea customers cover Europe, United States,Asia, Middle East, Southeast Asia and Australia. Welcome you anytime!

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