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Say something you don't know use cooling gel patch

The KONGDY Cooling Gel Patch has been a great help in easing the pain felt from my headaches. The product description says that it is effective for headache relief, hot flashes, migraines, and fever reducers. They can also be used to relieve toothaches, muscle aches, and as an anti-fatigue cooling eye mask. Most of these things I sometimes encounter and figured these would help ease some of the pain. My children have also gotten fevers in the past and we've just used a cold towel on their forehead. Now I have these handy in case I need something in the future. Who wants to be stuck somewhere, like at work, with nothing to help relieve the pain to get through the day!? Definitely not me and I'll tell you how these helped me!

Feature: - They are drug-free and safe to use with medication or in conjunction with your regular treatment routine. Safe for adults and children. - They need no refrigeration, Convenient and portable so it can be used at home, at work or while traveling - Cooling with Hydrogel Technology, Each soft, flexible patch stays comfortably in place and is not messy or greasy. KONGDY Cooling Gel Patch can be used by simply placing against heated skin, because the patch functions by absorbing heat and dispersing it. Each patch offers 10 hours of cooling relief in any situation. Unlike common ice packs, these patches are soft and flexible, allowing for easy application while also remaining in place. The Cooling Relief Patches can be used at any time, in any location, and they can be used in conjunction with medication or on their own.

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