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Hot chili plaster are manufactured from concentration of chili. hot chili plaster provides temporary relief of various bodily aches and pain....[more]


The KONGDY Cooling Gel Patch has been a great help in easing the pain felt from my headaches. The product description says that it is effective for headache relief, hot flashes, migraines, and fever reducers....[more]


we must carefully choose the best selection for health, little damage to the body, so as to avoid the loss of health The loss outweighs the gain. in order to lose weight. So, use how long slim diet patch can lose weight?...[more]


China pain patch main active ingredients are dl-Campho,l-Menthol,Methyl salicylate and Tocopherol Acetate, as you know camphor applied to the skin with a mild irritation and corrosion. ...[more]


A factory, named henan kangdi medical, is located in Zhoukou city,Henan province.In the central part of China. Kangdi concentrates on the production of each pain relief patch....[more]


Physical cooling gel patch can reduce the fever physically. It can help parents and children in time. Children will be not suffer the pain of medicines and injections....[more]


Fever reduce cooling patch contains a high percentage of water which works with the body's natural cooling system helping to cool the body...[more]


The herbal pain relief plaster is easy to use, but there is also a lot of knowledge, a correct understanding of the classification and usage of plaster, pain relief plaster to make the best effect. ...[more]

Baby fever cooling gel patch are sold in the city are mainly hydrophilic polymer gel, mint and other plant volatile oil and other types of the majority. ...[more]


You can use the cooling gel patch to reduce fever, which can also protect your baby's brain. If the long-term low-grade fever, then mothers should note, in general a lot of ill omen are low-grade fever, then you can take the baby to the hosp...[more]


Medical fever cooling patch generally suitable for preschool children, especially small babies is better, because baby skin is thin, rich subcutaneous blood vessels, cooling effect is good....[more]


baby cooling gel patch receives more and more concern of parents.What’s the advantage of cooling gel patch?...[more]


In general, the cooling gel patch effect can last 4~8 hours, according to the specific use of purchased cooling gel patch specifications, and put down long after the fever. ...[more]


Our medical capsicum plaster saw the need for a safe, simple, long lasting, and above all natural pain relief method. ...[more]


We are manufacturer focusing on the research and development of arthritis pain patch, cooling gel patch, capsicum patch and warmer patch and other medical patch. The medical pain plaster can quickly relieve the fatigue on neck, shoulder and ...[more]


Not recommended for pregnant women to use any of medical pain plasters , plaster because the ingredients contained in the role of rheumatism stasis , pregnant women are very sensitive to these medicines , easily lead to miscarriage or premat...[more]


The cooling gel patches utilizes the physical cooling method, often used for acute physical cooling, can alleviate the situation of children used to have a fever, have a fever. In addition to paste fever cooling patches to master the right s...[more]


With short or long-term pain, pain relief patches rcan provide a real benefit, including avoiding the need to repeatedly give medication to a reluctant patient! ...[more]


The medical chili plaster is easy to use, but there is also a lot of knowledge, a correct understanding of the classification and usage of plaster, plaster to make the best effect. ...[more]


I consulted the relevant experts, they for me to lift doubts, now, Kongdy tiger capsicum plaster experts is how to introduce this phenomenon. Hope will help you....[more]